Battle Continues Over Factory In Michigan

Small-town American communities are proving to be no match against the deep pockets and aggressive tactics of a billion-dollar Chinese energy firm and its ties to the Communist Party of China (CCP).

In the quiet town of Green Charter, Michigan, the battle between Gotion Inc. – a subsidiary of Gotion High-Tech based in Hefei, China – and local officials have reached a new level with a federal lawsuit filed against the town.

Gotion, which has received over $675 million in incentives from the state of Michigan, is facing opposition from concerned citizens and elected officials over its proposed massive electric vehicle (EV) battery project. With documented ties to the CCP, Gotion’s actions have raised serious national security concerns.

But that hasn’t stopped Gotion from suing the small town of Green Charter for breach of contract after the newly elected officials repealed a development agreement that would have allowed the project to move forward.

The project, which was initially announced by Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, was supposed to bring in $2.4 billion and create jobs in the area. However, the citizens of Green Charter and former U.S. ambassadors Peter Hoekstra and Joseph Cella, who lead a watchdog group focused on Chinese economic investments in Michigan, have raised concerns over Gotion’s ties to the CCP.

Not only does Gotion High-Tech require its employees to participate in Party activities, but it has also hosted trips to CCP revolutionary memorials, where workers pledged to “fight for communism.” This should raise red flags for anyone concerned about national security.

Despite these concerns, Gotion continues to operate with a heavy-handed approach, disregarding the law and the environment. And now, they are using the court system to bully the small town of Green Charter into submission.

But the citizens of Green Charter are not giving up. They have successfully recalled all the elected officials who supported the project and are standing strong in their fight against Gotion.

Former CIA Directors and other national security experts have also sounded the alarm on Gotion’s project, citing the potential threat it poses to our country. It’s time for the government to step in and protect its citizens from these risky investments.

In the end, this is not just a local issue. It’s a national security issue. We must hold China accountable for its actions and put a stop to these subnational incursions into our communities. The people of Green Charter and all of America deserve better. It’s time to put America first and protect our national security.