White House Responds To Report About Private Meeting

The long-heralded “blue wave” of Democratic victory in the 2024 elections may be in jeopardy as President Joe Biden, the supposed leader of the party, appears to be struggling both physically and in the polls.

Despite the inherent advantage of incumbency, former President Donald Trump still holds a lead over Biden in key swing states and nationally, which Biden is not too happy about.

As reported by NBC News, Biden has been “second-guessing” his campaign strategy and messaging as Trump continues to gain momentum and support. Biden is said to be “seething” after being informed that his handling of the conflict in Gaza has caused his polling numbers to drop in important battleground states like Georgia and Michigan. This has reportedly led to outbursts and frustration from the President, who believes he has been doing what was right.

But the reality is, Biden’s presidency has been marked by a series of failures and missteps, causing many to question his leadership and decision-making abilities. He has repeatedly shown that he is more interested in appeasing his far-left base than taking decisive action to address our nation’s growing crises.

While his administration may boast of an economic recovery and the creation of 15 million jobs, this is largely due to the policies implemented by the previous administration. Biden’s attempts to take credit for this are disingenuous at best.

Even more disappointing for Biden is his approval rating. At this point in his presidency, it is lower than the last three presidents who went on to lose re-election. This should be a red flag for Democrats, who are already facing an uphill battle in the midterms.

But instead of taking responsibility for his shortcomings and focusing on winning back the American people’s trust, Biden is reportedly lashing out at his staff and second-guessing his own decisions. He appears more concerned with “looking good” than actually doing good.

It’s no wonder that some Democrats are beginning to voice their frustration and doubts about Biden’s ability to lead the party forward. Representative Adam Smith of Washington said, “Biden goddamn well better do it,” referring to Trump’s defeat in 2020.

“Biden stood up in front of the whole world and said, ‘I’m ready. I’m the guy who can take down Donald Trump,’” said Smith. “So, he goddamn well better do it. We don’t have time for him to be worried about whether or not people are saying things right or the poll numbers are where they should be. I want focused energy and not defensive anger.”

Former Senator Mary Landrieu, a Biden supporter, acknowledges that the President’s inability to communicate his record to the American people effectively is a failure of his White House.