Fink Comments On Inflation

Larry Fink, CEO of investment management firm BlackRock, just delivered a shockingly optimistic outlook on the economy that has left many scratching their heads.

During an interview on CNBC’s “Mad Money,” Fink brazenly declared that he believes “we’re going to have higher inflation than most people believe.” Really, Larry? You don’t say.

But he didn’t stop there. Fink also predicted that this supposed inflation will miraculously help those struggling with stagnant wages. Oh, how convenient. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing that struggling families love more than paying more for everyday essentials because of inflation.

“…And wages are going up. This is why, as you know, I’ve been talking about higher inflation for longer, stickier inflation, and I still believe we’re going to have higher inflation than most people believe, and much of that is going to help those people who are worried,” Fink stated.

Not only that, but Fink has the audacity to suggest that young people today will somehow make more money than their parents did. What planet is this guy living on? It’s no secret that the current economy has left the younger generation with limited options and crippling debt. And yet, Fink expects them to believe that they will somehow surpass their parents’ level of success.

Honestly, it’s hard to take anything Fink says seriously when he has been a vocal supporter of the Biden administration’s reckless spending and leftist policies. He is essentially just trying to cover up for the disastrous effects that this administration’s economic policies will inevitably have on hard-working Americans.

Fink’s delusions about the economy are just another attempt by the left to downplay the real struggles Americans face and paint a rosy picture of what can only be described as a trainwreck of an economy. Sorry, Larry, but we’re not buying it.