FDNY Letter Reveals Plan After Speech Incident Says Report

The liberal stronghold of New York City is at it again, this time targeting members of the FDNY for their political beliefs. In a shocking display of hypocrisy, Democratic Attorney General Letitia James can dish out harassment, but she can’t take it.

At a recent FDNY promotion ceremony, James was met with boos and chants of “Trump” from the firefighters in attendance. This display of disapproval was not well-received by those in power, with FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh vowing to hunt down those responsible.

But what is truly disturbing is the reasoning behind this “hunt.” In an email to other agency honchos, FDNY Chief of Department John Hodges stated that the firefighters needed to be “educated” for their behavior. This begs the question, when did it become the government’s job to educate people on their political beliefs?

Hodges emailed other agencies, stating, “BITS is investigating this, so they will figure out who the members are. I recommend they come forward. I have been told by the commissioner it will be better for them if they come forward, and we don’t have to hunt them down.”

Let’s not forget that this ceremony was already a political event, with James, an active opponent of President Trump, giving a speech. Would the same response from those in power be given if the firefighters were showing support for James? It’s highly unlikely.

But this is not new behavior from the Left. They have long preached about tolerance and acceptance, but when it comes to those who hold different beliefs, they are quick to silence and punish. In fact, James herself has been a leading figure in the “politics of personal destruction,” relentlessly attacking President Trump and his supporters for years.

So when members of the FDNY show their disapproval of her and her politics, suddenly it becomes unacceptable and they must be “hunted down.” This double standard and blatant disregard for free speech is alarming.

Even famed constitutional and criminal law attorney Alan Dershowitz spoke out against the FDNY’s actions, stating that the firefighters have every right to voice their disapproval and that the government cannot punish them for it.

It’s a sad state of affairs when shouting at your political opponents has become the norm, but it is a reality we are faced with. And while the FDNY’s behavior may not have been the most admirable, it pales in comparison to the violent and aggressive tactics used by the Left, which are often praised and justified by their own politicians.

No one should be “hunted down” for simply expressing their beliefs, especially not by those in positions of power. The FDNY has every right to voice their disapproval and stand up for their beliefs, and it’s time for the Left to learn to respect that fundamental right.