Fink Responds To Decision Made By 7 States

It would appear that Blackrock CEO Larry Fink has been caught engaging in a bit of a meltdown.

Ever since several red states decided to cut ties with the radical left organization last month, Fink and his buddies have been doing everything in their power to force companies across America to embrace a Communist China-style social credit system. Apparently, if these companies don’t take the ESG (Environment and Social Justice) plunge, they’ll be facing all sorts of consequences.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Blackrock, they’re one of the largest asset management firms on the planet, with control over an impressive amount (trillions) of assets. Founded in 1988 by Fink himself, the firm is incredibly powerful, and up until recently, they’ve gotten everything they want.

But now, things are starting to change. Due to the increased bogeymanization of anything deemed “right-wing,” anti-capitalists in the United States have been out for blood. And, now, they’ve finally managed to get a firm like Blackrock in their sights.

You see, Blackrock is not like the rest of the lefty companies that just pay lip service to progressive agendas and call it a day. No, Fink and friends have been adamant that companies that want to work with them must toe the line with the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) agenda. Oh, and they’re going to make sure these companies don’t invest in anything from coal to other fossil fuels, too. Sounds like a surefire recipe for success in the world of responsible investing.

Still, some companies have seen through this facade of performative SJW worship. It’s become clear that there are genuine investments at stake for companies that play by Blackrock’s rules. So, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and South Carolina have all cut them off.

Smart move, states.

Once Fink caught wind of this, he completely lost his stuff. In a not-so-private recording that was recently obtained by Executive Director of Consumers First, Will Hild, Fink’s head is spinning at the fact his company has now become the target of political wrath. He should have seen it coming. After all, too many of these companies have jumped to the hard left like lemmings without any regard for the businesses. Finally, certain politicians decide to take the reins and make them accountable. And here’s Larry Fink freaking out about it.

“We have done a better job of telling our story so people can make decisions based on FACTS, not lies or misinformation by others!” he screeched.

Apparently, Fink isn’t too worried about the truth. He cares a lot more about “putting issues above the long-term fiduciary responsibilities.” You know, words like “performance” and “return on investment.” When socialism takes hold, things like that stop mattering.

Larry Fink might be angry, but he’s not alone. The problem with liberals and their recognition that their “policies” have stoked this political division in America was that they’ve taken to blaming others for the problem. Instead of doing some honest self-reflection, they’ve taken to lashing out at anyone they can target.

Fortunately, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and South Carolina have had the sense to nip it in the bud. Let’s just hope that these sorts of states (and that they grow in number) can continue to keep a lid on left-wing corporate tyrants like Blackrock’s Larry Fink.