House Oversight Committee Investigates Hunter Biden’s International Phone Usage

Phone records belonging to Hunter Biden between 2015 and 2018 have come under scrutiny due to a series of international phone calls that were linked to President Joe Biden. The existence of these records has been revealed through emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Notably, these calls occurred during the years in which the Biden family was involved in business dealings with CEFC China Energy Company. James Comer, the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, has made allegations suggesting that Joe Biden received two checks labeled as “loan repayments” from his brother, Hunter, with the combined total amounting to $240,000 for the years 2017 and 2018.

Hunter Biden reportedly received a total of nine emails from AT&T over a three-year span, all in connection to a phone number that ended in the digits 3535 and was directly associated with Joe Biden. The presence of international phone calls became evident through an AT&T email sent to Hunter’s business account on February 18, 2018. This email alerted him to having exceeded $300.00 in international data overage charges.

One particular email sent on August 31, 2018, found Hunter Biden referring to the phone number as his father’s. Interestingly, this email also included a cc to Joe Biden’s email alias “Robin Ware.” This revelation of a phone number has naturally sparked questions regarding the nature and extent of communication between Hunter Biden, his business associates, and the then-Vice President during his tenure.

Peter Schweizer, the President of the Government Accountability Institute, asserted that he had shared the phone number associated with Joe Biden with the House Oversight Committee. This detail emphasizes the fact that Hunter Biden’s business had covered the costs related to this phone number. Notably, this phone does not belong to Joe Biden as part of his official government or personal phone collection; instead, it is tied to Hunter Biden’s business.

The significance of this phone number and its use in discussions involving business associates selling the family “brand” raises questions about the nature of the communication between Hunter Biden, his business partners, and the Vice President of the United States when he was in office. At present, the House Oversight Committee has not issued subpoenas for the phone records of President Joe Biden, but the public revelation of these phone records adds another layer of scrutiny to the ongoing investigation into the financial and communication aspects of the Biden family.