Malibu Mayor Slams City Staff For Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Malibu Mayor blasted city staff for “selling out” to the Kardashians. Mayor Bruce Lee Silverstein is not happy about Kourtney Kardashian seemingly getting special treatment after her team allegedly misrepresented a recent party they hosted on behalf of the celebrity.

Silverstein published a long Facebook post he titled: “City of Malibu Continues to Place Celebrities and the Uber Wealthy Over Residents: City Staff Sells Out to Kardashians and Grants Emergency Expedited Permit for Large Event in a Vacant Single-Family Home in Private Neighborhood.”

Silverstein noted that he noticed trucks unloading furniture and boxes into the house next door to his own. The property was for sale for a year, he noted. After asking about the new owners, the mayor said he discovered the house had been rented for an “influencer event” hosted by Kourtney Kardashian.

“Poolside With Poosh” was put on in with a connection to Kardashian’s wellness website. Silverstein revealed that on the filed permit, the event was “represented to be a baby shower” and was said to be “hosted by the owner of the property.”

“Both of those representations are contrary to what the event planner told me – which was that the house is being ‘rented’ for an ‘influencer event,’” Silverstein wrote. “Obviously one story or the other is false.”

Silverstein said he told the Kardashians that they needed a “Special Event Permit” and went on to report the “unpermitted event” to the City’s Code Enforcement department.

City staff allegedly told Silverstein that they would issue a cease and desist order on the day of the event, Friday, September 22. But then he said he was told at 6:07 pm that “an emergency expedited Special Event permit had been granted” for the party.

Silverstein said he was frustrated that the city was willing to move “heaven and earth” for “a wealthy celebrity” when “our residents are required to wait days, weeks and even months for such attention respecting matters of much greater concern than a celebrity party.”

He reported that the party had a “strong odor of marijuana that could be detected standing on the street outside the event venue while the setup occurred – which I have never before detected in the neighborhood.”