New Hampshire Sticks To Tradition After Dispute With Biden

New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan is poised to announce the date for the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary, concluding a nearly year-long dispute with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The primary holds historical significance, serving as a crucial event on both the Democratic and Republican Party nominating calendars.

Scanlan, scheduled to make the announcement at the State House in Concord, expressed his intention to highlight the importance of New Hampshire’s lead-off position and address the DNC’s narrative regarding the state’s perceived lack of diversity. The anticipated date, Jan. 23, is expected to put New Hampshire at odds with the DNC’s 2024 presidential nominating calendar, potentially resulting in sanctions and the loss of half of the state’s delegates to the national convention.

President Biden’s decision to keep his name off the New Hampshire ballot, in response to the state’s plan to hold an unsanctioned primary, has led Granite State Democrats to initiate a write-in campaign to mitigate any potential electoral repercussions for the president.

Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican who has criticized President Biden and the DNC for attempting to alter the primary calendar, is likely to attend Scanlan’s announcement. Sununu has emphasized that New Hampshire will go first, regardless of DNC preferences.

The broader issue revolves around the DNC’s efforts to increase diversity in early voting states. New Hampshire, criticized for its largely White population and limited major urban areas, faces challenges in complying with the DNC’s proposed calendar changes. The DNC’s approved calendar, implemented earlier this year, moved South Carolina to the lead position on Feb. 3, creating complexities for New Hampshire’s traditional scheduling.

Despite President Biden being the Democratic front-runner, concerns over his age have been reflected in polls, and there are apprehensions in New Hampshire that the DNC’s calendar adjustments, coupled with the president’s absence from the primary ballot, could impact the election outcome.

Fox News