Protestors Hang Flag From Hotel

Anti-Israel protesters descended on the streets surrounding the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on the evening of April 27th, shouting chants and holding signs emblazoned with pictures of Palestinian journalists who have lost their lives in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The scene outside the event was unlike anything seen in previous years, with the buzzing of protesters filling the air instead of the usual chatter from journalists and attendees. This event, typically a star-studded affair, was marred by the presence of these demonstrators and their intense call for a boycott of the dinner.

Associated Press reporter Farnoush Amiri took to social media to document the scene. She noted that this was her third year covering the WHCD and had never seen anything like it. Earlier in the evening, President Biden’s motorcade was changed to a different route, likely in an effort to avoid the protests as much as possible. However, Amiri stated that some protesters were still able to make their way through side streets and attempt to confront attendees as they arrived.

One attendee who faced the brunt of the protesters’ anger was Caitlyn Jenner, who was surrounded and yelled at by those urging journalists to boycott the event in support of Palestinian journalists. Their claim was that these journalists were being killed due to U.S. support of Israel and their reporting on the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The biggest scene stealer of the evening, however, was a massive Palestinian flag that was draped from a window of the Washington Hilton just moments before President Biden was scheduled to arrive. This bold move caught the attention of many, including reporters Sean Langille and Katie Pavlich, who shared videos and photos of the flag on social media. According to Langille, the flag was hung at the request of the protesters as they called for a boycott of the event.

While some reporters decided not to attend the event in solidarity with the Palestinian journalists, many still showed up to cover the event. WUSA9 reporter Alexis Wainwright captured several moments with the protesters, including one individual being escorted away by police. This prompted other protesters to yell for the police to let the person go, adding to the tense atmosphere outside the venue.

Overall, the scene outside of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was one of chaos as protesters. The stakes were high, and tensions were clearly running high as the protesters clashed with attendees and law enforcement.