Protests Erupt at Penn State Over Riley Gaines’ ‘Real Women’s Day’ Event – Watch

On Saturday, August 20, 2023, a group of protestors were arrested at a “Real Women’s Day” event hosted by former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines at Penn State University. The event was billed as a celebration of “biological women” and their achievements in sports.

Video of the arrests shows the male activist, who is masked, knocking items off an event table set up by Penn State’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter as the female activist loudly argues with someone.

“Get the f*** out of my face,” the female activist, also masked, says to an older man. “Get this s*** out,” she adds as she knocks over a table. “You’re transphobic!”

A police officer approaches and takes her arm, to which she reacts, “Don’t f***ing touch me like that.”

“Let go of me. Can you f***ing let go of me? Don’t touch me,” the female activist says.

“Are we being detained?” the male activist asked the officer.

“Yes,” the officer answers.

As the male protester is handcuffed, another person asks the police officer what he is being arrested for.

“Disorderly conduct, for now,” the officer responds.

“Alright, what’s that mean?” the person says.

Previously, the male activist had also yelled, “You’re a f***ing loser” at Pennsylvania State Senator Cris Dush (R).

“We are going to have free speech on this campus – this is my district,” Dush responded, according to the outlet.

Gaines is a former University of Kentucky swimmer who tied with trans-identifying male swimmer Lia Thomas for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle final at the NCAA championship in March last year.

Gaines has become a vocal advocate for women’s sports, arguing that trans-identifying males should not be allowed to compete alongside women and girls.

“So a few months ago during Women’s History Month, I noticed a common theme,” Gaines said in a Saturday video on TikTok. “And that theme was that in places where we were supposed to be honoring trailblazing women, we were honoring men who are claiming the identity of a woman.”

“This is when I started to think to myself, we need a day to honor real women. You know, women with XX chromosomes,” Gaines said. “So after thinking and brainstorming, I have now declared October 10 as Real Women’s Day.”