The View Hosts Blame GOP Infighting for Hamas Rocket Attacks – Watch

In a controversial statement, The View co-host Sara Haines suggested that the Republican Party’s internal divisions may have encouraged Hamas to launch rocket attacks against Israel.

She said the strife over who the party would nominate to be the next speaker of the House made the U.S. look “weak” on the “world stage,” inviting Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel.

“The world is seemingly blowing up right now,” Haines told her co-hosts. “And the U.S. looks weak on the world stage.”

Joy Behar replied, “right,” as the camera panned to co-hosts Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sunny Hostin, who could be seen nodding their heads in agreement.

“Because we can’t even name a speaker of the House,” Haines said. “And last week it was kind of amusing, when we talked about it here, you know, you have the McCarthy’s out … Jim Jordan’s your next best option and everything was kind of funny.”

“And perspective slaps you in the face,” she added. “And on Saturday after that terrorist attack I kind of looked at it and thought, ‘This division invites enemies in.’ And right now we’re seeing a massive spread of disinformation online as a result of this. And so this morning we were all teasing about maybe watching less news … I would encourage House Republicans to watch more news for perspective.”

At one point, Behar suggested that the vacancy left by McCarthy’s ouster has also emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“But they [the GOP] have to know that Putin is watching this,” Behar said. “That’s why he wants [former President Donald] Trump back. Because Trump divides people. That’s why.”

Haines’ statement is highly speculative and has been widely criticized by both Republicans and Democrats. There is no evidence to suggest that GOP infighting played any role in Hamas’ decision to launch rocket attacks on Israel.

It is important to note that Hamas is a terrorist organization that has repeatedly targeted Israeli civilians. Israel has the right to defend itself, and the United States should continue to support Israel in its fight against terrorism.