Sen Bernie Sanders Responds To Question About 32 Hour Work Bill

Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, lashed out at FOX Business correspondent Hillary Vaughn during a recent interview.

As Vaughn attempted to ask the senator about his proposed 32-hour workweek and the potential impact on businesses, Sanders interrupted her multiple times and even warned, “I can yell as loud as you.”

This outburst came after Sanders led a hearing titled “Workers Should Benefit from New Technology and Increased Productivity: The Need for a 32-Hour Work Week with No Loss in Pay.”

In typical socialist fashion, Sanders argued that this is not a radical idea and cited countries like France, Norway, and Denmark as examples of successful shortened workweeks. However, what Sanders fails to mention is the negative consequences this would have on American businesses and the economy.

Sanders’ bill, the Thirty-Two-Hour Workweek Act, would actually harm small businesses by lowering the threshold for overtime pay, despite claiming to improve working conditions for employees.

This means businesses would be forced to pay employees for more hours, even if they were not working. How can businesses expect to survive such burdensome regulations and additional costs?

When Vaughn attempted to ask Sanders about the impact of his proposals on businesses, the senator immediately shut her down, asking what network she worked for and then dismissing her as a representative of FOX Business.

Businesses are already burdened with high taxes and excessive regulations, and now Sanders wants to add even more pressure by proposing policies that would drive them out of business.

Despite Sanders’ claims of wanting to help the middle and working class, his true goal may be to punish successful businesses and redistribute wealth. His attacks on successful entrepreneurs like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who he believes should pay a higher tax rate, only further demonstrate his disdain for the principles of free market capitalism.

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