GOP Senator Comments After Iran Attack

Nationwide – Senator John Kennedy has recently made headlines with his no-nonsense approach to tackling important issues facing our nation.

During a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday, Kennedy did not hold back in his criticism of President Biden’s handling of the recent Israel-Gaza conflict. He called out the president for his weakness towards Iran, which many believe has emboldened Hamas and other terrorist groups to attack Israel.

Kennedy went on to say that President Biden is being influenced by the “Hamas wing” of the Democratic Party and called on him to show some backbone in his support for Israel. He even took a jab at the president, urging him to “go to Amazon and buy a spine online.”

The senator did not shy away from comparing Iran to a pimp and their proxies as prostitutes. He aptly pointed out that Israel is not at war with Hamas or Hezbollah but with Iran, which seeks to harm both Americans and Jews. Kennedy made it clear that turning a blind eye to Iran’s actions will only lead to more harm.

“Israel’s not at war with Hamas or Hezbollah or Yemen,” the senator said. “Those are all surrogates for Iran, they’re prostitutes. The pimp is Iran. Israel is at war with Iran. Iran hates Americans. Iran hates Jews. Iran wants to kill Americans and Jews. And if we turn the other cheek to them, we’re going to get it in the neck,” Kennedy said.

In typical Kennedy fashion, he did not hold back in calling out President Biden’s weak foreign policy, stating that “more sheep is not going to solve the wolf problem.” He further advised the president to not interfere with Israel’s response to Iran’s latest attacks, an act that the White House had already leaked to the press.

“And today the White House has already leaked to the press early this morning that they’re not going to participate in an Israeli response to what Iran just did. Let, let me say it again. More sheep is not going to solve the wolf problem. My advice to the President today, for what it’s worth.”

“Mr. President, don’t,” he continued.

Kennedy’s message to President Biden was clear – stop coddling Iran and stand with Israel. As a staunch conservative, Kennedy’s words carry weight and hold true for many Republicans. He perfectly summed up the sentiment of many Americans who are dismayed by President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict.