Jeweler Ambushed- Robbed On Roadway

In the liberal stronghold of Los Angeles, the city of fallen angels is facing yet another threat – South American gangs.

These brazen criminals, armed with knives, are wreaking havoc on the city’s highways, targeting hard-working jewelers in broad daylight.

Just recently, Stacy Nolan Soper, a jeweler returning from downtown LA’s jewelry district, had a near-death experience as she drove home with a bag of valuable merchandise. As she approached the ramp onto the 405, her vehicle was ambushed by masked thugs who slashed her tires, broke her windows, and even aimed a weapon at her.

This horrifying incident is not an isolated case. Several similar attacks on jewelers have been reported on Los Angeles freeways, the most recent being just six days later. In this instance, a jeweler from Hong Kong fell victim to a robbery on the eastbound 10, where he was forced off the road and plundered while helpless on the ground.

These crimes are part of a larger, organized effort by South American gangs. These criminals, taking advantage of the city’s zero cash bail policies, are targeting victims in transit and creating scenarios that force them to stop, like slashing tires or staging accidents.

What’s concerning is that these gang members are using the freeways’ potential to trap their victims and delay authorities’ response, as demonstrated in these heists. LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton has admitted that there is an increase in these types of crimes and that multiple gangs are working together to carry them out.

The trend of ‘burglary tourists’ has been on the rise in LA for the past five years. These organized groups, mainly from Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, enter the country illegally or take advantage of the tourism visa system, intended to boost the tourism industry. They come to the United States and commit a string of home burglaries, taking home millions of dollars in stolen goods.

The issue of ‘international thieves’ has become so rampant that the FBI has set up a task force to combat them. One such case involved a 17-year-old Chilean who was caught in Arizona after a series of jewel heists in LA. Along with his two accomplices, the teenager admitted to breaking into several homes in the area, using false Venezuelan identification.

This criminal activity is a warning sign for all Americans, especially those living in liberal-run cities like Los Angeles that have relaxed criminal justice laws.

These gangs, taking advantage of the country’s visa system, are putting American lives at risk, and it’s time for authorities to take strict measures to protect its citizens.