Willis Gives Interview Following Hearing

Looks like the “face of the feminist movement” is none other than disgraced district attorney Fani Willis. In a recent interview with CNN, Willis shamelessly defended her actions and promised to continue pursuing the case against former President Trump.

But the most outrageous part? Willis claims she has become a feminist role model for black women and others. A woman who engaged in an “inappropriate relationship” with a married man is now hailed as a hero by women all over the country.

But wait, it gets even better. In her defense, Willis also brought up Jesus, saying that her father taught her that everyone is flawed and only Jesus is perfect. So, I guess that justifies her actions, right? I mean, if everyone is flawed, why are we even criticizing her? She’s just a “strong woman.”

Oh, and let’s not forget about her church speech that the judge had to call her out on. Talk about using religion as a shield to deflect from your own wrongdoings. And if that wasn’t enough, Willis had the audacity to claim that the defendants were being racist for objecting to one of her witnesses.

However, while Willis may be strutting around like a peacock, she still has a long list of inquiries and investigations to deal with. The state Senate and House Judiciary Committee are looking into her actions, and a complaint has been filed with the state bar. Looks like her ego may have gotten the best of her, and now she has some consequences to face.

Willis seems completely shameless in her actions and words. She will do anything to stay in the spotlight, even if it means sacrificing her integrity.

Let’s hope that justice prevails and Willis is held accountable for her actions.