Florida Mother Charged After Daycare Staff Call Police

On Friday, a horrifying discovery was made by staff at Jackson’s Daycare Center in Riviera Beach, Florida.

A 2-year-old boy’s lunchbox contained a loaded Glock 43 handgun. The incident has left parents and the community in shock and highlights the importance of gun safety.

The mother, 39-year-old Shanae Davis, has been charged with several offenses, including allowing a minor to obtain a firearm and child neglect. Davis had previously claimed that she kept the gun in her vehicle’s glove box but had recently started bringing it inside her apartment due to multiple break-ins in the area.

Shanae Davis, 39, was charged with allowing a minor to obtain a firearm and child neglect.

According to police documents, Davis admitted to placing the gun in her son’s lunchbox the night before but had forgotten to remove it in the morning. This carelessness could have had fatal consequences, as the gun was within easy reach of young children who could have accidentally fired it.

In an interview, one parent, Stephenne Warembourg, expressed her shock and fear, saying, “It’s scary. I mean, you know when I’m sending my kid to school thinking that he’s going to be safe? I mean, are they? I don’t know.” Warembourg’s concerns are shared by many parents who entrust the safety of their children to daycare centers.

Thankfully, the daycare staff promptly alerted the authorities, and no one was harmed. However, the gravity of the situation is not lost on the owner of the daycare, who chose not to file charges against Davis. However, the state prosecutor’s office has taken necessary action to ensure that this incident serves as a cautionary tale for others.

Gun ownership is a constitutional right, and responsible gun owners should be able to exercise their rights. However, with rights come responsibilities, and gun owners must take the necessary precautions to prevent such incidents from occurring. The Second Amendment does not give anyone the right to be reckless with a lethal weapon.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe, and Placing a loaded gun in a child’s lunchbox is not only irresponsible but also could have resulted in a tragic accident. The fact that the gun was forgotten and left inside the lunchbox proves a lack of care and attention.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of gun safety and responsible ownership. It also highlights the need for stricter laws and regulations regarding the storage and handling of firearms. Gun owners must keep their weapons secure and out of reach of children.