Border Bill Fails In The Senate

In an upsetting blow to American taxpayers, every single Democratic lawmaker in the Senate voted against an amendment that would have prohibited the use of their hard-earned money to fly illegal aliens into the United States. Republican Tennessee senator Bill Hagerty introduced the amendment and announced the heartbreaking news on X early Saturday morning.

This amendment was a direct response to news reports revealing that the Biden administration has flown an estimated 320,000 illegal immigrants from their home countries into the US so far this year. These flights, funded by American taxpayers, are part of the Biden administration’s reckless and dangerous open borders policies.

Hagerty’s amendment was straightforward and reasonable: it would have stopped the use of federal funds to secretly fly illegal aliens from other nations directly into states across the country. It was a simple question of whether Democrats support the use of Americans’ taxes to import hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into our towns and cities. Sadly, their answer was a resounding no.

The Democrats’ refusal to even consider this amendment shows their true priorities: disregarding the safety and well-being of American citizens in favor of appeasing illegal immigrants. Their actions are indefensible and a clear reflection of their dangerous and radical agenda.

Hagerty explained on the Senate floor that this vote was not about a budget or technicality. It was about a fundamental American value: protecting our borders and sovereignty. Yet, the Democrats chose not to take a stand on this important issue, showing once again their cowardice and inability to lead.

This vote was part of the Senate’s late-night vote to avoid a government shutdown. The House had already approved a $1.2 trillion spending bill, but the Senate was standing on whether amendments would be considered. Senator Hagerty’s amendment was among the rejected proposals, as no Republican-backed amendments passed.

This government funding bill, which President Biden ultimately signed, will continue to fund the administration’s disastrous policies, including the secret flights bringing in thousands of illegal immigrants. The Democrats have again proven unwilling to take a stance against President Biden’s failures.

The American people deserve leaders who prioritize their safety and well-being. The Democrats are not those leaders. They have made their priorities clear: illegal immigrants over American citizens.

The Biden administration’s open borders policies have resulted in at least 7.2 million illegal immigrants entering the country, an amount greater than the population of 36 individual states. This is unacceptable and must be stopped. American taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for flights bringing in illegal immigrants while our own citizens are struggling.

The Democrats’ rejection of Senator Hagerty’s amendment is a slap in the face to American taxpayers. It clearly indicates that their priorities do not align with those of the American people.