Director Comments About ‘X-Men’ Cartoon

In yet another example of Hollywood attempting to inject their liberal agenda into every facet of our entertainment, director Joe Russo has revealed that the new X-Men ’97 series on Disney Plus is taking aim at Donald Trump supporters and the January 6th insurrectionists.

Ignoring the fact that the source material for this storyline is from 1985, Russo asserts that the decision to adapt “The Trial of Magneto!” for the second episode of the series was a deliberate attack on “the MAGA crowd.” He even claims that the X-Men franchise has been “woke” since its creation in 1963.

But this isn’t the first time that Hollywood has chosen to use its platform for political grandstanding. From award shows to social media, the entertainment industry seems determined to shove their progressive beliefs down the throats of their viewers.

And it’s not just about the obvious “MAGA” references. In recent years, we’ve seen beloved characters and franchises being subjected to unnecessary and forced diversity in the name of inclusivity. Instead of creating new and original stories, Hollywood has chosen to pander to certain groups, leaving fans feeling alienated and disappointed.

But what sets X-Men ’97 apart is the deliberate targeting of a specific group of people. The December 6th insurrection is a sensitive and divisive event in our nation’s history, and to use it as a tool for cheap political points is reprehensible.

This attack on Trump supporters is not only distasteful, but it also shows a glaring lack of understanding of the source material. The original “The Trial of Magneto!” storyline is about reconciliation and trying to find a way for humans and mutants to coexist peacefully. It’s a powerful message of unity and acceptance, and to twist it into a message of hate and division is a disservice to the story and its creators.

But it’s no surprise that Hollywood would choose to use a beloved franchise like X-Men for their own political agenda. After all, they have been pushing their progressive beliefs onto their viewers for years now. And with the cancel culture running rampant, anyone who dares to speak out against this forced agenda is labeled as “stupid” or a bigot.

It’s time for Hollywood to stop abusing their power and manipulating our favorite stories for their own gain. We don’t want to be preached to when we tune in for some escapism and entertainment. Keep your politics out of our beloved franchises.