Biden Appears With LA Mayor Karen Bass

President Joe Biden visited the Los Angeles area on Tuesday and Wednesday as part of his campaign swing, before heading to San Francisco. However, his actions during his time in LA exemplified the hypocrisy of his campaign rhetoric and exposed his lack of preparedness for the upcoming election.

Upon his arrival, Biden immediately contradicted his message about climate change being an “existential threat” by riding around in a more than 30-car motorcade. This blatant disregard for his own words makes it clear that his concern for the environment is merely a ploy to win over voters, rather than a genuine issue he plans to address.

Then, at a press event in Culver City, Biden showed his lack of understanding and preparedness for the upcoming election when he was asked about needing a “strong State of the Union address to win reelection.” His confused response of “Pardon me?” highlighted his lack of grip on the current political landscape, and Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass had to intervene and attempt to save the awkward moment by stating that Biden will win reelection regardless. This poor attempt at damage control by Biden’s team further emphasizes his unpreparedness for the upcoming election.

During his speech at the Culver City Library, Biden was accompanied by a physician’s assistant who had her student loan debt of over $144,000 forgiven. While this may seem like a great accomplishment, it raises concerns about the legality and morality of using taxpayer money to forgive debts without proper authorization from Congress. Not to mention, this move is clearly a ploy to gain votes, as it only benefits a select group of people and disregards those who did not go to college or have already paid off their loans.

Throughout his time in LA, Biden showed a lack of energy and enthusiasm, and yet again struggled to make coherent sentences. This further brings into question his ability to handle the rigors of the presidency and lead the country effectively.

When asked about the legality of his actions, Biden dismissively responded that he has no worries. This is concerning, as it shows a blatant disregard for the rule of law and a sense of entitlement to do whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences.

Biden’s visit to LA exposed his hypocrisy, lack of preparedness, and questionable decision-making. It’s becoming increasingly evident that his campaign is solely focused on winning the election and holding onto power, rather than addressing the real issues facing our country.

Red State