Congresswoman Responds To Ted Cruz

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) had a major meltdown during a hearing on Wednesday when she tried to throw a “gotcha question” at former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski and just ended up looking foolish.

Bobulinski was testifying before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and he did not hold back. He not only accused Hunter and Jim Biden of perjury, but he also called out Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Rep. Dan Goldman for lying. To top it off, he made AOC lose her cool when she tried to trip him up.

AOC, eager to score points for her Democratic allies, asked Bobulinski if he witnessed President Joe Biden commit a crime. But Bobulinski quickly shut her down, stating that yes, he did witness a crime and listing several possible offenses such as corruption statutes, conspiracy, and FARA.

But AOC refused to let him finish and instead tried to play semantic games, claiming that RICO, a category of crime, was not a crime itself. Bobulinski, a successful businessman and former Navy officer, calmly corrected her by explaining that RICO is a category of crimes that can result in charges. AOC just couldn’t seem to grasp this concept and continued to argue with Bobulinski, interrupting him and attempting to discredit him.

It’s no surprise that AOC would have a meltdown during this hearing. After all, she’s a former bartender turned politician who has no real world experience, compared to Bobulinski, who has a successful career and served his country. But AOC has a tendency to think she knows more than she actually does, and this hearing was a prime example of that.

But AOC’s antics didn’t end there. She even caught the attention of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who called her out for being silly. But this didn’t stop AOC from throwing a fit on social media, claiming that she was simply trying to clarify Bobulinski’s testimony.

It’s clear that AOC and her Democratic colleagues don’t want to hear the truth about the Biden family’s connections to foreign nationals and potential corruption. They would rather bury their heads in the sand and pretend everything is fine.

But the American people deserve to know if his son’s business dealings compromised Joe Biden, and AOC’s meltdown only further shows that the Democrats are not interested in finding the truth.

As always, AOC’s lack of knowledge and insistence on playing word games only made her look foolish and out of touch. Maybe she should stick to bartending and leave the serious matters to the adults in the room.