Hannah Storm Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

Hannah Storm, the well-known ESPN host, recently made headlines when she shared her shocking breast cancer diagnosis with the world.

At just 61 years old, Storm had received a routine mammogram screening in November 2023 and was told she had “dense breasts.” Although she had undergone follow-up ultrasounds in the past with no concerns, this time, an additional ultrasound was necessary, which led to a biopsy and, ultimately, a breast cancer diagnosis.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Storm shared that she was initially told by her healthcare provider that it was “probably nothing” and not to worry. However, she wishes they had not downplayed the situation, as it caused her unnecessary worry and stress. It just goes to show how important it is to take every medical screening seriously, no matter how routine it may seem.

Before receiving her diagnosis, Storm had no signs or symptoms of breast cancer. She had no family history of the disease and no pain or lumps to indicate something was wrong. This goes to show that breast cancer can affect anyone, and early detection is crucial in successfully treating it.

Luckily, Storm sought out the best possible care and connected with Dr. Elisa Port, Chief Surgeon and Director of Dubin Breast Cancer Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr. Port not only performed Storm’s surgery but also guided her through the entire process.

After receiving her diagnosis, Storm underwent a lumpectomy and is now “feeling good.” She shares that every day when she looks in the mirror and sees the scar from her surgery, she is reminded of just how fortunate she is. If she had not gotten a mammogram and caught the cancer early, it could have been much more dangerous and potentially deadly.

Storm’s story is a reminder of the importance of getting regular medical screenings and advocating for your own health. Breast cancer survival rates have been steadily increasing, and early detection is a significant factor in this.

Storm also wants to use her platform to encourage others to get lifesaving screenings. The more we talk about breast cancer and raise awareness, the better. She believes in the power of sharing our stories and using our voices to break down barriers and encourage others to prioritize their health.

In addition to her work in sports journalism, Storm is also an advocate for raising awareness for vascular malformations, a cause close to her heart, as her daughter has this condition.

Storm’s career has been marked by her ability to break barriers and earn respect in a traditionally male-dominated field. And now, she is using her voice and platform to spread the message of the importance of early detection and self-advocacy.