Disney Fears Disaster Puts Brakes On Movie

Disney has announced a delay in the release of its highly anticipated Snow White remake, raising concerns about potential financial setbacks and the project’s future prospects. The decision to postpone the film’s release until March 2025 is attributed to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, which has disrupted the film industry.

An insider source has revealed that Disney is apprehensive about the film’s economic performance, with fears that it might lead to financial losses and hinder future spin-offs. The studio is reportedly taking lessons from past movie failures, particularly Tom Hooper’s critically panned “Cats,” in order to avoid a similar fate.

The Snow White remake has been marred by controversies from the beginning. The casting of Colombian-American actress Rachel Zegler as Snow White drew criticism as the character is traditionally portrayed as a fair-skinned German princess. Disney further stirred controversy when it announced that “magical creatures” would replace the seven dwarves in an attempt to avoid reinforcing stereotypes, following criticism from actor Peter Dinklage.

Initially, a mix of actors from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including a real dwarf, were cast as the new dwarves. However, they have since been replaced by CGI characters.

Producers and crew members seem keen on learning from past blunders in the film industry. They have reportedly taken cues from the delay of “Sonic The Hedgehog” after the initial trailer reveal, which led to viewer backlash over the character’s appearance.

Furthermore, Disney’s decision to rethink its approach to the film has been influenced by concerns about the SAG-AFTRA strike. The strike has disrupted film production, and Disney’s decision to delay the film’s release may also help navigate the ongoing labor dispute.

Despite these challenges, Disney is committed to delivering a film that exceeds expectations. The studio acknowledges the need to address concerns from online critics and avoid controversies associated with the project.

The upcoming remake, co-written by Greta Gerwig, aims to portray a “stronger” Snow White who aspires to be a leader, diverting from the classic love story. Rachel Zegler, who plays the titular princess, has spoken out against the original plot, criticizing the character of the Prince as a “stalker.” She supports the film’s departure from the traditional love story and emphasizes Snow White’s leadership journey.

In summary, Disney’s decision to delay the release of its Snow White remake has raised questions about its financial viability and the potential impact on future sequels. The studio is actively reevaluating the project to ensure it can deliver a successful and well-received film.

Daily Mail