Fetterman Losing Support From Base Says Report

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, a self-proclaimed progressive champion, is facing backlash from his own base for his unwavering support for the United States’ ally, Israel, following the recent Hamas terror attacks on the Jewish state. Fetterman’s public stance in support of Israel’s military response to the brutal October 7th attacks has triggered significant opposition from some of his supporters, and even former campaign staffers.

In a statement that aligns with his party’s traditional stance, Fetterman expressed his unequivocal support for providing necessary military, intelligence, and humanitarian aid to Israel. He emphasized the moral obligation of the United States to stand in solidarity with its ally as it faces the threat posed by Hamas terrorists responsible for the attacks that claimed over 1,400 lives in Israel.

Notably, Fetterman’s stance has prompted more open opposition than what many of his colleagues have faced, leading to criticism from people who were previously his supporters, including some former staffers.

The division within Fetterman’s base was highlighted by a recent protest outside his Philadelphia office, where about 200 pro-Palestinian demonstrators took to the streets, even parading a large puppet labeled “silent on genocide” in reference to the Senator. This demonstration was the second in two weeks, and smaller protests occurred simultaneously at Fetterman’s other Pennsylvania branches.

One labor attorney and Russia Today contributor confronted Fetterman in person, urging him to support a ceasefire. The attorney was later removed from the event.

Last month, former members of Fetterman’s staff published a letter condemning his support for Israel, characterizing it as a “gutting betrayal.”

Despite these challenges from his progressive base, Senator Fetterman has not altered his position. In a recent social media post, he maintained that a ceasefire can only be achieved “after Hamas is neutralized.”

While Fetterman’s supporters argue that the criticism does not represent widespread dissatisfaction with his handling of the Middle East conflict, some detractors contend that the Senator’s stance is politically motivated rather than a sincerely held belief. Far-left strategist Waleed Shahid suggested that Fetterman, like many Democrats in Congress, may fear electoral and political consequences from pro-Israel lobbying groups, such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Democratic Majority for Israel.

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