Hawaii Braces – Put Under New Warning

Fire Weather Warnings have been issued for parts of eastern Hawaii, including Lahaina, due to critical fire weather conditions characterized by strong trade winds and low humidity. These warnings encompass the Big Island of Hawaii and Maui, with an expected duration until at least 6 p.m. HST.

The unique weather setup contributing to this situation is defined by robust trade winds originating from the east, driven by a high-pressure ridge, according to FOX Weather Meteorologist Stephen Morgan.

The National Weather Service in Honolulu mentioned that fire weather conditions have improved over Kauai, Niihau, and Oahu due to the influence of a front moving across western regions of the state. Consequently, Fire Weather Warnings have been canceled in those areas.

Morgan explained, “The wind is going to be strongest out of the east, which is the same direction and most common direction that the winds flow. This threat, while we might see some improvements as we head toward the middle of the week, is going to ramp up yet again as that ridge of high pressure really locks in. And those humidity levels, we’ll be watching those closely here today.”

Hawaii has already experienced a devastating fire season, particularly in Lahaina, where a catastrophic wildfire occurred. In August, Hawaii witnessed the deadliest U.S. wildfire in over a century, claiming the lives of at least 97 individuals and destroying numerous homes and businesses. The fire’s intensity forced residents to take refuge in the ocean to escape the scorching heat and flames that engulfed their community.

The confluence of specific atmospheric conditions contributed to these wildfires on Maui. Hurricane Dora was located south of the Hawaiian islands in August, while dry conditions and a robust high-pressure ridge to the north created an environment conducive to the rapid spread of flames, fueled by wind gusts reaching up to 70 mph.

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