Jackson Comments On Upcoming Debate

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) recently stirred the pot by calling for President Joe Biden to take a drug test before and after his upcoming CNN debate with former President Donald Trump.

Jackson, a former White House physician for both Trump and Obama, announced on Fox News, where he revealed his plan to make a formal request to the President and his physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

Jackson expressed his discomfort with the situation, saying, “It’s embarrassing that I have to do this, and it’s really embarrassing as a former White House physician to have to do something like this, but we don’t have any choice, based on what’s going on.” He cited concerns from many Americans about Biden’s performance and the speculation surrounding his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

This speculation isn’t new. Following Biden’s State of the Union address earlier this year, some Republicans hinted that he might be using drugs to enhance his performance. The White House has firmly denied these allegations, with spokesman Andrew Bates commenting, “It’s telling that Republican officials are unable to stop announcing how intimidated they remain by [the] President’s State of the Union performance.”

Trump himself suggested at a Philadelphia campaign stop that Biden might come out “all jacked up” for the debate. Jackson’s letter aims to address these concerns by demanding a drug test for Biden both before and after the debate.

Jackson is particularly interested in drugs like Aricept, commonly used for cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. He also mentioned other drugs that increase alertness, like Adderall and Provigil, and those that alleviate agitation related to cognitive disorders. “There’s just really no way to explain that, other than he was on something, that they’d given him medications,” Jackson stated, referring to Biden’s State of the Union performance.

With Biden retreating to Camp David for debate preparation, Jackson speculated that his aides might be fine-tuning the President’s medication regimen. “Part of that is probably experimenting with just getting the doses just right because they have to treat his cognition,” he added.

Jackson concluded by warning of the dangers if Biden were to rely on drugs for the debate. He pointed out Biden’s daily struggles, including appearing sleepy, slurring speech, shuffling when he walks, and having freezing episodes. “The American people need to know what’s going on,” Jackson insisted. “And our adversaries and our allies see this. And it’s a national security issue for us.”

Stay tuned, folks, as we await further developments on this contentious issue. The debate promises to be a significant event, with both sides gearing up for a showdown.