Judge Gives Trump Instruction

Donald Trump once again makes headlines as he finds himself in trouble with a courtroom judge in New York City.

The former president is in the midst of a criminal trial and it seems Trump has had enough. During an intense debate on Friday afternoon, New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan ordered Trump to sit down in what can only be described as a power move. The former president, clearly fuming in his chair, remained seated until the judge left the courtroom.

But it seems the drama didn’t end there. As the judge clarified the date of Trump’s contempt hearing, the former president abruptly stood up, thinking the day was over. Yet, in a firm voice, Justice Merchan commanded Trump to sit back down. The judge didn’t mince words, and it was clear that it wasn’t a question. Trump begrudgingly complied and sat back down, fuming in his seat as the judge gathered his paperwork and made his way out of the courtroom.

Trump’s lawyers once again made a last-ditch effort to halt the trial. This time, they cited “prejudicial pretrial publicity” as the basis for their request.

In the Friday evening filing, Trump’s legal team complained about the five-day jury selection process, claiming that a fair and impartial jury cannot be selected in New York because of the “significant bias against President Trump” that permeates the jury pool.

The drama surrounding Donald Trump’s criminal trial is far from over. Only time will tell what will come of this contempt hearing and if Trump will face any charges.