Noem Appears For Interview On CNN

Sunday’s State of the Union proved to be another heated battle between CNN’s Dana Bash and Republican Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota. The two clashed over the ongoing trial of former President Donald Trump in Manhattan and whether or not Biden should speak out against it on the campaign trail.

The host of CNN’s flagship Sunday show, Dana Bash, seemed determined to paint Governor Noem into a corner, just as she had done two years prior when she pushed Noem to support abortion for a raped 10-year-old girl. This time, however, it was about Trump’s trial in Manhattan.

Bash continuously prodded Noem about whether Trump should be above the law, even if the allegations against him are true. Noem, on the other hand, argued that Trump is being unfairly prosecuted using unreliable witnesses such as Michael Cohen, who is a known liar.

But Bash couldn’t seem to take the hint that Noem wasn’t going to budge on her support for Trump, instead choosing to focus on the trial itself. She even went so far as to claim that there was “absolutely no evidence” of President Biden’s involvement in the trial.

Noem fired back with the obvious question—why aren’t President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, being prosecuted for their own alleged crimes? Bash, of course, brushed this off, claiming it had nothing to do with the topic.

But it is a valid question. President Biden has repeatedly denied any involvement in his son’s foreign dealings despite Hunter’s apparent financial gain from his father’s political career. Yet, they seem to be getting a free pass while Trump is being put on trial for alleged campaign finance violations.

Bash continued to push the narrative that Biden is purposely avoiding talking about Trump’s legal issues on the campaign trail, claiming that it’s a mistake to ignore it. But is it really a mistake? Or is it a strategic move to avoid playing into the narrative that Biden is orchestrating a political prosecution against his opponent?

As Bash and Noem continued to spar, it became clear that the host was trying to paint a picture of a weak and ineffective Biden who isn’t doing enough to take down Trump.

In the end, it was clear that Bash and CNN were determined to paint a negative picture of Trump and his supporters while ignoring the questionable actions of the Biden family.

However, as Noem and other Republicans have pointed out, Americans are more concerned with their everyday lives and having a leader who puts their needs first rather than getting caught up in political trials and scandals.