Megyn Kelly Discusses New Version Of ‘Jolene’

In the latest episode of her podcast, Megyn Kelly discussed Beyoncé’s controversial new version of Dolly Parton’s classic song, “Jolene.” And to put it mildly, she was not impressed. The conservative news reporter criticized the song’s new lyrics, calling them “anything but empowering.”

According to Kelly, the original “Jolene” is a story about a woman who feels threatened by a more alluring woman and begs her not to steal her man. However, Beyoncé’s version changes the entire meaning of the song, turning it into a “bada** b**** anthem.”

“Instead of a vulnerable woman pleading with Jolene not to take her man, we have Beyoncé threatening her with lines like ‘F***ing take my man, I will hurt you b****,’” Kelly explained.

“And this is supposed to be what female empowerment looks like? It’s just another example of women being reduced to mere objects of aggression and domination in the name of ‘empowerment.’”

Kelly also highlighted an article that she believes perfectly explains the issue with the modern definition of a “strong woman.” She argued that now, a strong woman is just a “man with tits” – someone who must always be tough, aggressive, and unemotional.

“This new version of ‘Jolene’ reinforces this harmful narrative, where women are either weak and emotional or tough and unfeeling,” Kelly said. “There is no middle ground, no room for vulnerability or insecurities. It’s a dangerous and divisive message, and it’s not what true female empowerment looks like.”

Kelly reiterated her disappointment with Beyoncé’s version of the song, saying that it “swung and missed” the true message of the original.

She believes that the power move would have been to stick with the vulnerability and strength of the original and not try to turn it into a cliché “bad girl” anthem.

“If you listen to the whole song, all the lyrics are changed,” Kelly continued. “She’s changed the entire meaning of the song … this is an entirely different message, and I don’t buy it.”